Museums/Sight Seeing

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See (観る ミュージアム)

Municipal Aquarium (水族博物館)

Over 400 species and 10000 marine animals are on showcase at the Joetsu Municipal Aquarium. The summer dolphin show is a very popular attraction.



Japan Ski Memorial Museum (日本スキー発祥記念館)

Major Lerch of the Austrian Army introduced skiing to Japan in Joetsu in 1911. Here you can find many resources relating to Mayor Lerch and skiing. It clicks here in detail. Japan Ski Memorial Museum 

Tel 025-523-3766


Maejima Memorial Museum (前島記念館)

Maejima is known as the father of the Japan’s modern postal system. Here you can find displays of his historic memorabilia, postal stamps, and learn about the history of telecommunications.

Tel 025-524-5550


Hoshi-no-furusato Space Museum (星のふるさと館)

Learn about the solar system, see the constellations in all four seasons and experience meteor shower simulations in the planetarium. This museum features the largest telescope (650mm) in Niigata Prefecture.

Tel 025-528-7227


Kushiike Meteor Crater Park (櫛池隕石落下公園)

This park has been built around the site of the great meteor impact of 1920.

Official Residence of Past Division Leader (旧師団長官舎)

This is the residence of the former military commanding general of the Joetsu area, Gaishi Nagaoka in 1910, using the Meiji wooden design.

Tel 025-526-5903


Kobayashi Kokei Memorial Museum of Art & the Municipal Museum (小林古径記念美術館・総合博物館)

Located inside Takada Park, this museum features the history and culture of Joetsu.

Tel 025-523-8680 (Museum of Art), 025-524-3120 (Municipal Museum)


Kobayashi Kokei’s Estate (小林古径邸)

Kobayashi Kokei was a famous artist born in Joetsu. His home was reconstructed in Takada Park after being dismantled in Tokyo.

Tel 025-525-2429

kobayashi kokei

The Rice and Sake Warehouse of Wonder (米と酒の謎蔵)

Discover the wonders of rice and sake (Japanese wine). Learn about their history, culture, and secrets through the informative panels, replicas, and original displays.

Tel 025-532-4189


Sakaguchi Memorial Museum (坂口記念館)

A museum featuring the works of Kinichiro Sakaguchi, known as the master of wine; and the Kubiki Toji culture of wine making.

Tel 025-530-3100


Yoshikawa Toji’s Village (よしかわ杜氏の郷)

Here you can learn about the traditional Yoshikawa Toji culture of wine making and enjoy a free tasting of local wines.

Tel 025-548-2331


Iwanohara Vineyards (岩の原葡萄園)

Built in 1890, visitors may tour the ancient underground cellar and enjoy free samples of the special wines at the Iwanohara Winery shop.

Tel 025-528-4002


Eshin Memorial Hall (ゑしん里記念館)

This museum is devoted to the memory of Eshin Ni, the wife of St. Shinran, and houses many artifacts related to her life.

Tel 025-581-4541


Kanazu Bucket Workshop, Imai Dye House (金津桶店・今井染物店)

Situated in the center of Old Takada, these buildings still retain much of their old world charm. Come and see the traditional architecture for yourself.